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Saepio Marketing Resources

Choosing Distributed Marketing Management Technology

Distributed Marketing Management | An Introductiondistributed marketing management technology | 4 questions for the CMO  distributed marketing management technology | 7 things for your cto/cio

how distributed marketing management and marketing asset management works for companies of all sizeshow to champion your local marketing technology initiative5 questions to ask when preparing a distributed marketing management RFP


Calculating the Value of Your Marketing Technology Initiative


How marketing automation drives ROMI in a distributed marketing managementmaximizing the value of digital asset management for your marketing teamautomating marketing localization

assessing cost savings opportunities with distributed marketing managementusing marketing asset management to boost marketing resultsusing marketing asset management to keep content fresh

Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

enabling cross-channel campaignsturn-key, multi-channel campaigns made easy for local marketersmarketing storefront to connect multi-channel marketing processes and streamline marketing fulfillment

Localize and Automated Local Marketing Content, Maintain Brand Control

how Sonic boosts brand consistency | case studytapping the potential of local marketersfranchise marketing from the trenches | 8 traits of successful franchise marketing management

From the Analysts - Marketing Asset Management For Streamlined Marketing Processes, Faster Cycle Times, and Higher Return on Investment

Aberdeen | Distributed marketing reportfrost & sullivan the road to brand effectivenessmarketing asset management: the key to marketing success

MarketPort Features Help National Brands Get Local

saepio marketport key features | budget management for corporate and local marketingsaepio marketport key features overview | how national brands localize digital ad creation and placementcampaign calendar and to do

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