5 Must-Have Client Services When Searching for a MAM Vendor
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5 Must-Have Client Services When Searching for a MAM Vendor


A relationship with the Client Services department can transform your company’s automated marketing endeavors. When searching for a MAM partner, there are five key areas of service that you should consider.

The 5 Must-have Client Services

1)    Program Management: A dedicated Client Services account team will not only tend toHow Client Services helps your MAM the daily maintenance of your program, but also ensure you are getting the maximum value and benefits of the platform’s capabilities. This type of service includes managing your users, creating and generating custom reports, managing your assets, and collaborating with your other vendors.

2)    Template Construction: The MAM vendor should take your myriad of marketing materials and organize and consolidate them in a way that makes distributing them to the market more efficient and more effective. Examples of this type of service include creating brand-compliant templates that are customizable by your users, preparing your pre-approved assets for dispersing to users, and advising on best practices for user collateral customization experience.

3)    Technical Support Services: True technical support means resolving issues quickly and correctly, and the fastest way to do that is relying on trained professionals to personally answer your end users’ questions and recommend solutions in real-time conversations. This type of service could include support for corporate admins or end users and can be available 24/7 if desired.

4)    Creative Design: Reduce agency costs by hiring your MAM vendor, who already works closely with applying your business rules, to develop brand-compliant materials for you. This type of service includes creating new marketing template designs and customizing the platform to match your brand.

5)    Custom Development: Find a system that is flexible to support the specific business rules of your marketing needs. Examples of this type of service include facilitating the development of the platform to meet your evolving needs, advanced SSO, and integrations with your other preferred 3rd party vendors.

One of Saepio’s clients, a large trucking company, expanded by using four types of Client Services. In doing this, they were able to alleviate some internal challenges and ensure smooth transitions as their organization evolved.


How A Trucking Company Benefitted From Expanding Their Use of Saepio’s Client Services

Q: What are the services that the trucking company is using?

A: The client is using four of the five services that Saepio offers: Program Management, Custom Development, Technical Support Services, and Template Construction.

Q: What prompted the client to engage Saepio in additional services?

A: After several years of relying on a separate marketing support vendor, the company decided to discontinue that relationship. At that point, they quickly realized that their internal team didn’t have the bandwidth to handle the support needs of approximately 14,500 international end users. 

Q: How long did it take to add-on the service?

A: Saepio established the support services for English, French, and Spanish end users within two days.

Q: How has the client benefitted from expanding their use of Saepio’s Client Services?

A: The trucking company’s users have received quick and comprehensive solutions from the Saepio support team, who rely on their first-hand knowledge and experience with the platform. Additionally, within a few months of providing technical support, Saepio identified five specific areas of support the client’s users needed. By relaying these findings, the client was able to establish an internal organizational change that had been long overdue. Specifically, the client empowered its regional marketing leads as defined points of contact for users’ marketing questions. Ultimately, these changes have improved the client’s distributed marketing efforts and enabled their users to receive definitive direction and support from the company.

Q: Overall, how does the client feel about using Saepio’s Client Services?

A: “Definitely the best 3rd party of the many ones I worked with over the last few months!” – Applications Analyst at the trucking company


For more information on our client services team, you can check out our website at http://www.saepio.com/client-services. To learn more about our marketing asset management and distributed marketing management solutions, feel free to give us a call at 888.468.7613 or shoot us an email at sales@saepio.com.