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Turn-Key Multi-Channel Local Marketing... and a Roadmap to Get Started!

Corporate wants to do more to enable turn-key local multi-channel marketing,  but a roadmap with demonstrated return on investment is required to make the case for a technology upgrade.

Well, good news...  We have two papers that can help!

Turn-Key, Multi-Channel Campaigns Made Easy for Local Marketers

Multi-channel marketing is rapidly becoming a local marketplace requirement.  Corporate marketers must find a way to make multi-channel campaigns simple, turn-key and easy for local marketers to use.

turn-key, multi-channel campaigns for local marketersDownload Saepio’s Distributed Marketing Leadership Series Guidebook,Turn-Key, Multi-Channel Campaigns Made Easy for Local Marketers and learn how to meet this demand for turn-key simplicity by focusing on four steps:

  • Provide a single multi-channel content creation point.
  • Create a single content versioning and localization process.
  • Ensure a single-step campaign payment and fulfillment process.
  • Consolidate best practices reporting.

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4 Step Roadmap to Implementing a Distributed Marketing Management Platform

Launching an initiative to implement a distributed marketing management platform for the first time or to upgrade to a platform from a lower-end ad builder tool, however, naturally comes with challenges.

getting a distributed marketing management platform initiative launchedIn this guest white paper bymarketing process optimization industry expert Eric Siano, you’ll find learn how to: 

  • Align the basics
  • Understand the organizational impact
  • Build a value case for the investment, and
  • Develop a roadmap.

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